Who we are

January 14, 2022

Buyerlink allows companies to access hyper-targeted customer demand, exactly when, and where they want them. As a leading online auction marketplace for performance-based marketing, our platform conducts millions of auctions monthly, allowing businesses to connect directly with consumers via Enhanced Clicks™, qualified leads, and phone calls that are category specific and zip code targeted. 

Our platform simplifies online marketing, empowering businesses of all sizes to gain access to in-market locally targeted consumer demand at scale. Buyers can easily target the consumer intent, location of service, desired volume and price - and start receiving demand. We currently serve the automotive, home services, home warranty, insurance, legal, real estate, and solar industries. Our category agnostic platform allows us to launch and grow into new categories of service virtually overnight.

While all of this is important, what truly makes Buyerlink stand apart is our company culture.

As a One Planet Group company, our true fulfillment stems from operating a mission-driven business, with a measurable positive impact on the world. Our fundamental values place love at the center of every facet of the business. We stand for social justice, women's rights, racial justice, and unity. 

We believe that our company culture is deeply integral to the way we operate our business. Our hope being that our unique approach will allow us to build a better company. We challenge the idea that only non-profit organizations can contribute to social good, and firmly believe that corporations need to also be a vessel for that good. Our goal is to show that a company can be profitable while also having strong values and ethics, a thriving internal culture, and being rooted in strong principles and values. 

Buyerlink office meeting with video conferencing

We believe that work performed in the spirit of service creates the highest and best expression of our personal and professional lives. The tagline of our parent company, intention x innovation, acts as our guiding force. To us, intention isn’t only meaning well, it’s doing well.