Buyerlink acquires RingPartner

Buyerlink acquires RingPartner, a leader in the pay-per-call marketplace

Press Release
October 14, 2021

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., October 14, 2021 -- Buyerlink, a leading online marketplace for performance-based marketing is pleased to announce the acquisition of  RingPartner, a leader in the pay-per-call space. The acquisition complements Buyerlink’s online auction platform, allowing for the expansion of performance marketing solutions in calls, which joins Buyerlink’s already robust offerings in Enhanced Clicks and leads, across a large number of verticals.

“RingPartner is a natural extension for Buyerlink as we  progress to become the leading global platform for performance-based marketing,” said Buyerlink founder and CEO Payam Zamani. “Not only does their business model perfectly complement our platform, their highly differentiated culture also matches our commitment to operating a mission-driven business that positively impacts the world.”

Buyerlink's patented technology allows its platform to conduct millions of auctions every month, striving to connect consumers to perfectly matched service providers. Vertical and geography agnostic, Buyerlink currently serves the automotive, real estate, home services, solar, and home warranty industries. RingPartner’s patented technology will allow Buyerlink to extend pay-per-call capabilities into the overall marketplace, as well as provide depth in a new vertical: insurance.

As a One Planet Group company, Buyerlink's culture is deeply integral to the way business is operated, with love placed at the center of every facet, and diversity and inclusion, unity, service to humanity, and excellence in all things standing as core values. The hope is that One Planet Group’s unique approach will result in a better company - one that is profitable while also having strong values and ethics, a thriving culture, rooted in strong principles and values, and collectively contributing to the common good.

"RingParter is thrilled to join the Buyerlink team,” adds Sarah Gulbrandsen, CEO of RingPartner. “We are culturally aligned with One Planet Group’s mandate to do business with both innovation and intention in mind, and our services match perfectly with their already robust performance-based marketing platform"  

“Sarah is an excellent leader, and has built a great team,” adds Zamani. “I am so excited to welcome them all to Buyerlink and the broader One Planet Group family.”

Founded in 2013, RingPartner is a leader in the pay-per-call marketplace. Connecting brands directly with consumers via live phone calls and leads, consumers are routed through RingPartner's proprietary technology ensuring that buyers are being connected to the service or product they desire at a hyperlocal level and in real-time. Beyond the technology, RingPartner is a team of performance marketing experts with a preference for red attire (team members receive a pair of red shoes each year on their workiversary), puns, and collaboration. They have a strong commitment to diversity - out of twenty-six employees, fifteen are women - and are based out of Victoria, British Columbia.

In 2020, RingPartner was recognized as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by Canadian Business’  Growth List and the winner of  Digiday’s Worklife Awards for Most Passionate Employees.  

The expansion of the Buyerlink marketplace accelerated earlier this year with the acquisition of ad tech company FiveStrata. Focused on generating cost-per-lead marketing solutions for the solar and home warranty industries, like RingPartner,  FiveStrata was acquired not only because of its relevance to Buyerlink but for its company culture of intentionality, dedication to community service, and being a source of social good in the world.

Buyerlink is actively seeking targeted acquisition opportunities. Given the power of the patented technology platform underlying Buyerlink, the company has a specific interest in cost-per-lead, cost-per-Enhanced-Click, and cost-per-call performance-based marketing companies in any vertical and geography. A primary test for any company to be considered as an acquisition target will continue to be its culture and alignment with One Planet Group’s ethos of ‘Innovation x Intention,’ to foster a powerful combination of business success and positive social impact.

About Buyerlink

Buyerlink is a leading online auction marketplace for performance-based marketing.

Buyerlink's patented technology allows its platform to conduct millions of auctions every month striving to connect consumers to perfectly matched service providers. It currently serves the automotive, real estate, insurance, home services, solar, and home warranty industries, and its category agnostic platform offers Buyerlink the capability to quickly launch and grow into new categories of service.

As a fully integrated technology platform, Buyerlink simplifies online marketing, empowering businesses of all sizes to gain access to in-market locally targeted consumer demand at scale.  

While Buyerlink is focused on providing a massively effective, locally targeted marketing solution, as a One Planet company Buyerlink's true fulfillment stems from operating a mission-driven business with a measurable positive impact on the world. Its fundamental values place love at the center of every facet of the business. The Buyerlink team stands for social justice, women's rights, racial justice, and unity. Buyerlink provides the means to uphold the company's unwavering commitment to universal philanthropy.

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